Creating a Sparkling Wine through a Carbonation system ‘on tap’

The ‘Carbonation’ is considered the least expensive (and also considered the least prestigious) method of sparkling wine production. It consists in injecting carbon dioxide into a base wine in order to create a sparkling wine.

One of the main characteristics of this technique is that the bubbles created tend to die quickly once the bottle is opened (and once it is poured in a glass). This is why, this technique is more often used to make lower pressure wines also called ‘pétillants’ wines (= slightly sparkling)  

However, one of the advantages of this technique is that it keeps the powerfulness of the base wine aromatics without altering or changing its flavour. This is the reason why it is very important for the base wine to be in perfect condition (without any fault) because any fault would be accentuated by the bubbles (created by this method).

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