From Argentina to the World: Malbec

There are more grapevines in Argentina than in any other South American country. Its vast plains and rugged hillsides are a source of remarkable wines at all price points. In fact, Argentina is the seventh-largest wine-producing country and the eighth-largest wine consumer worldwide. Argentina’s success can be widely attributed to its talented grape growers, winemakers, and for sure to the Malbec grape variety…

Oregon Pinot Noir: Amongst the Finest on Earth

Oregon is now the fifth-largest wine-producing state in the USA after California, Washington, New York and Pennsylvania. However, Oregon has never been about quantity, but quality. Oregon has the unique climatic conditions to grow one of the finickiest grapes on earth: Pinot Noir and winemakers in the area have mastered the art of turning such a delicate varietal…

Discovering Uruguayan wines

Uurguay, the land of gauchos and grilled meat, is located between Argentina and Brazil. It is South America fourth largest wine producer. Much of the country’s interior faces heavy humidity and subtropical temperatures, making winegrowing difficult. However, it is a country with a growing reputation regarding wine production. Let’s see why.