A brief history of Argentinian wine

Argentina is the most substantial wine-producing country in South America, and has been one of the world’s most dynamic wine producers since the late 1990s. Significant investments in new vineyard regions have lately been undertaken to continue increasing the quality of Argentine wines. Furthermore, significant efforts are being made to assist in the export of Argentine wines. But how did this lovely tale of Argentinian wine begin?

Understanding how white wine ages

Despite many scientific research the white wine aging process remains quite unclear. However, we are certain of the importance of certain grape glycosides in this process. During the white wine aging process, theu help to develop varietal aromas in the wine.

Given the much lower level of phenolics in white wine (compared to red wines), the central component helping a white wine to age is its acidity level…

Understanding how (good) red wine ages

To untutored wine taster, older red wines seem to be softer and gentler than harsh, inky young red wines. Those who notice such things will also observe a change in colour, typically from deep purple to light brick red. There should also be more sediment in old wine than a young one.

All of these phenomena are connected, and they are particularly related to the behavior of phenolics. These phenolics are compounds found in grapes, particularly in the skins…