From the Abolishment of the Mezzadria to the birth of the DOC System: A plunge in the origins of Super Tuscans

After World War II, Tuscan wines underwent a radical change. In fact, the Tuscan vineyards had just emerged from the phylloxera crisis, totally destroyed economically.

However, a number of changes would prove to herald a complete renaissance of this prestigious wine region and give birth to exceptional wines that the wine world would soon nickname the ‘Super Tuscans’…

A brief history of Argentinian wine

Argentina is the most substantial wine-producing country in South America, and has been one of the world’s most dynamic wine producers since the late 1990s. Significant investments in new vineyard regions have lately been undertaken to continue increasing the quality of Argentine wines. Furthermore, significant efforts are being made to assist in the export of Argentine wines. But how did this lovely tale of Argentinian wine begin?

Understanding the ‘Rhône Rangers’ movement

The term ‘Rhône Rangers’ is a quite loose term used to designate the affiliation of California Wine producers led by Bob Lindquist from the Qupé Winery and Randall Grahm from the Bonny Doon winery. In the 1980s, both of them, decided to produce wines in the style of red wines (mainly from Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre grape varieties) and white wines (from the Viognier grape variety) made in the Rhône Valley, France…