Tasting note: Sassicaïa, Tenuta San Guido, 2018

Comments = Sassicaia is a true icon, the first “Super Tuscan” (one of the first reds produced in Italy like the great Bordeaux wines. The first vintage was produced in 1968). This 2018 vintage is no exception to the rule. Slightly less opulent than the 2015 vintage, it is nonetheless one of the very best recent vintages. It is both powerful and incredibly fine, these tannins only need to be polished over time, the aromatic expression is just as powerful but precise and with many nuances. The finish is long, deep, velvety and totally bewitching. There is no doubt that this wine is an exceptional wine, an excellent investment and a true work of art.

Final Grade = A++

Tasting note: Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva, Giuseppe Quintarelli, 2011

Comments = Stunning! The 2011 vintage is a mythical “riserva” from Quintarelli, it is one of the most sought after Valpolicella vintages of the 2010s from this producer. Its aromas have evolved to become more tertiary and be centered on chocolate, cocoa and liquorice. With this wine, we are in the perfection of what man and nature can produce. This wine is undoubtedly a very good financial investment as well as a real treat for connoisseurs.

Final Grade = A++

Tasting note: “Monte Lodoletta”, Amarone della Valpolicella, Dal Forno Romano, 2010

Comments = This wine is a marvel, one of the top vintages from this iconic producer. Its aromas have evolved to become more tertiary and be centered on chocolate, cocoa and liquorice. Complexity, intensity, elegance, sumptuous finish, it’s all there. This wine is close to perfection and has an incredibly interesting aging potential. It is a good investment as wine lovers are seeking this vintage.

Final Grade = A+

Tasting note: Caiarossa, 2019

Comments = A very fine 2019 vintage whose tannic structure suggests very good aging potential. The aromas already present and precise are just waiting to evolve to express their full potential. This wine clearly deserves all the attention of great connoisseurs who will appreciate the expression of the Tuscan terroir in this wine whose perfect acidity comes from this gently sloping vineyard that fully benefits from its orientation and its position in relation to the Mediterranean Sea.

Final Grade = A

Tasting note: Franciacorta, “Dosaggio Zero”, Ca’ del Bosco, 2018

Comments = A 2018 vintage that we were impatiently awaiting from this benchmark producer in the Franciacorta appellation. A pleasing result of accuracy and finesse with a persistent bubble that blends perfectly with the acidity. Accuracy of aromas, complexity, everything is there for this “0 dosage” Franciacorta which has significant aging potential. A real pleasure to share.

Final Grade = A-

Tasting note: Franciacorta, “Bagnadore”, Dosaggio Zero, Barone Pizzini, 2011

Comments = What a beautiful 2011 vintage! We can only thank Barone Pizzini for offering us this wine so well made and with the breathtaking result for a “zero dosage” Franciacorta. The finesse and precision of the aromas, the finesse and persistence of the bubbles, everything is there. This wine is really the perfect example that proves that you can make an exceptional sparkling wine without adding sugar. At this price, we want more…

Final Grade = A-