Tasting note: Legado, Quinta do Caedo, 2016

Comments = Complex and intense aromas dominated by a bouquet of red fruits, with hints of truffle and mineral notes. It has excellent, well-defined mouthfeel and firm, powerful but high-quality tannins. The finish is extremely long, elegant and deep with notes of red fruits, liquorice, tobacco and a hint of menthol. This wine just needs to be aged for at least one (preferably two) decades in the right conditions to be able to express its full potential.

Final Grade = A+

Tasting note: ‘Barca-Velha’, Casa Ferreirinha, 2011

Comments = A true legend! Totally lives up to its reputation! This wine still displays a vibrant acidity (despite being from 2011) together with a powerful tannic structure. However, its balance aromas-acidity-tannins is exceptional and its finish is long, persistant and complex centered around aromas of dark fruits, tobacco and hints of cedar. This wine is very rare because it has only been produced in 20 exceptional vintages since 1952 (and in limited quantity each time). Therefore, if you have a chance to get your hand on one bottle, you will be among the lucky few who can enjoy this true portuguese treasure.

Final Grade = A++