Understanding DO Rias Baixas : Galicia largest wine appellation

Rías Baixas is part of the Galica region. It is also part of what is called the ‘Green Spain’ (= ‘Espana Verde’) which comprise the region of Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias and Pais Vasco. It is the largest DO in Galicia in terms of wine production. It is famous for its white wines from the Albarino grape.

Discovering Uruguayan wines

Uurguay, the land of gauchos and grilled meat, is located between Argentina and Brazil. It is South America fourth largest wine producer. Much of the country's interior faces heavy humidity and subtropical temperatures, making winegrowing difficult. However, it is a country with a growing reputation regarding wine production. Let's see why.

My 7 Favorite Wineries in Roussillon

The Roussillon wine region is located in the South West of France on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea on the Spanish border. It is in fact part of the administrative region of Occitanie. Roussillon is in fact an immense amphitheater where the Mediterranean Sea is to the east...

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