What was called “Oenotria”?

“Oenotria” was the name given to southern Italy when Greek colonists first arrived there around 8th century BC. This name is derived from the ancient Greek οἶνος (oinos) literally meaning "wine", ‘oenotria’ meaning the ‘land of wine’...

What is ‘laccase’?

The ‘Laccase’ is a powerful oxidizing enzyme that is connected to Botrytis (bunch rot developing under certain conditions), which causes browning of grape must.

What is the influence of the use of oak on a wine?

The wood used to ferment and/or age a wine has a profound and multifaceted effect on its characteristics and flavors. Notwithstanding the type of wood used which greatly impact the flavor profile of a wine (vanilla, coconut…), certain substances found in wood may be incorporated and metabolized directly into the wine...

What is the role of wood tannins in the wine maturing and aging process?

Wood tannins and other phenolics give color and astringency to a finished wine. Also, given that wine is biologically active during the aging process, tannins extracted from wood during this prolonged contact period will balance the wine's oxidative-reductive cycle, preventing oxidation and reducing the likelihood of off-putting reductive smells.


Pic Saint Loup

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Provence Rosés

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The hashtag #Roséallday is currently trending on social media, so let me take you to a sunny location where rosé wines have always rhymed with...

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