What is called the aspect of a vineyard?

The 'aspect' of a vineyard is the direction that a slope faces, which is an important feature of vineyard locations, particularly in cool regions because it has a great impact on how the sunrays penetrate the canopy and warm up the vine during the day...

What is called the Asian Lady Beetle?

The Asian Lady Beetle is an insect pest new to North American viticulture, ffirst causing problems in the 2001 vintage in the country's northeast. The Asian Lady Beetle is also called ladybird or ladybug in some countries...

What is the Armillaria Root Rot?

The 'Armillaria Root Rot' is a fungal disease that resides in woody plant materials in the soil and damages a variety of plants, including vines. It is also known as mushroom or shoestring root rot...

Where do artist-made wine labels come from?

'Artists' labels' are wine labels illustrated by works of art, often a different one for each vintage. Baron Philippe de Rothschild commissioned Cubist Jean Carlu to design the first 'Chateau Bottled' label for Chateau Mouton-Rothschild in 1924...


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