Tasting note: Champagne Rosé “Philippe Starck”, Brut Nature, Louis Roederer, 2015

Comments = I love this rosé Champagne, purity of fruit and aromas, precision of acidity and bubbles, aromatic complexity. We can only thank Louis Roederer, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon and Philippe Starck for FINALLY offering us a Brut Nature Champagne rosé of this quality and precision. I can only recommend it, especially since it still has good aging potential.

Final Grade = A

Tasting note: Sassicaïa, Tenuta San Guido, 2018

Comments = Sassicaia is a true icon, the first “Super Tuscan” (one of the first reds produced in Italy like the great Bordeaux wines. The first vintage was produced in 1968). This 2018 vintage is no exception to the rule. Slightly less opulent than the 2015 vintage, it is nonetheless one of the very best recent vintages. It is both powerful and incredibly fine, these tannins only need to be polished over time, the aromatic expression is just as powerful but precise and with many nuances. The finish is long, deep, velvety and totally bewitching. There is no doubt that this wine is an exceptional wine, an excellent investment and a true work of art.

Final Grade = A++

Tasting note: Le Clos Peyrassol, Rosé, 2022

Comments = A very fine gastronomy rosé, a nice tension on the palate, complex nuances and a very precise finish with depth. I strongly recommend this rosé which will delight you with its freshness, elegance and tension. Do not hesitate to taste it with dishes that will allow it to reveal its full potential.

Final Grade = A-

Tasting note: Domaines Ott, Chateau Romassan, Rosé, 2022

Comments = I really like this great rosé from Bandol focused on finesse and elegance with characteristic notes of the dominant Mourvèdre grape, a slight solar side, a nice tension on the palate which complements the acidity of the wine. Many nuances in the mouth and a long and complex finish. A very beautiful rosé to enjoy convivial and sunny moments around Mediterranean cuisine

Final Grade = A-