Tasting note: Negoska Red, Tatsis Estate, 2014

Comments = This wine was a very good opportunity to taste an aged (9 years) 100% Negoska. I did not really know what to expect. This wine was a good surprise. It remained fruity and quite deep in color. The red fruits still dominate even if the wine shows some signs of evolution. The overall balance is quite good despite a medium level of acidity. I probably should have left some more time for the wine open on the nose. Overall, it was a nice experience for a reasonable price and I enjoyed this wine.

Final Grade = B

Tasting Note: Primitivo Luccarelli, 2020, PGI Puglia

Comments = This wine offers a great value for money with an elegant and harmonious mouth with enjoyable nuanced diverse aromas. It has been designed to drink young. I would definitely recommend to buy it if you can find it at around 10 euros. However, it is slightly below what is expected from a Primitivo in terms of aroma intensity.

Final Grade = B