The birth of the french Wine appellation system

A Brief history


the winegrower uprising


World war I



During the late 19th century phylloxera left European vineyards totally destroyed

Leading wine merchants to buy grapes from everywhere to make blended wines

Some even making artificial wines from sugar, water, and coloring agents

Leading to extreme poverty among winegrowers, particularly in the South of France

Striving for survival, winegrowers started to form organized groups

Even wifes and daughters joined the movement

Marcelin Albert ruled the uprising

Which culmunated in the 1907 Montpellier protest, over 600 000 protesters invaded the streets 

However it was brutally repressed

Inducing a meeting with the French president

Yellow Heart

Forcing the government to pass the first Anti-Fraud act

And stating that wines can only be made from grapes

Imposing taxes on sugar

Which can be seen as the origin of the current French appellation system

Even bringing the creation of Quality Labels, helping customers to identify 'true' wines

The First World War (14-18) halted these ongoing endeavours

Created in 1935, the INAO, finally, gave birth to the French Appellation System for wines