Tasting note: Champagne Rosé “Philippe Starck”, Brut Nature, Louis Roederer, 2015

Comments = I love this rosé Champagne, purity of fruit and aromas, precision of acidity and bubbles, aromatic complexity. We can only thank Louis Roederer, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon and Philippe Starck for FINALLY offering us a Brut Nature Champagne rosé of this quality and precision. I can only recommend it, especially since it still has good aging potential.

Final Grade = A

Tasting note: Clos Henri, Sauvignon Blanc, 2019

Comments = This wine offers a quality-price ratio that is just incredible. Found this level of quality for less than 25 euros is something quite exceptional. You should not hesitate to let yourself be tempted by this wine. At this price, it is also a very good opportunity to discover a very fine example of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. A beautiful opulence on the nose, a beautiful roundness in the mouth. This wine is full of freshness with a good level of aromatic complexity around mango and ginger. A very good aroma-acidity balance. A nice long finish.

Final Grade = A-

Tasting note: Legado, Quinta do Caedo, 2016

Comments = Complex and intense aromas dominated by a bouquet of red fruits, with hints of truffle and mineral notes. It has excellent, well-defined mouthfeel and firm, powerful but high-quality tannins. The finish is extremely long, elegant and deep with notes of red fruits, liquorice, tobacco and a hint of menthol. This wine just needs to be aged for at least one (preferably two) decades in the right conditions to be able to express its full potential.

Final Grade = A+

Tasting note: ‘Barca-Velha’, Casa Ferreirinha, 2011

Comments = A true legend! Totally lives up to its reputation! This wine still displays a vibrant acidity (despite being from 2011) together with a powerful tannic structure. However, its balance aromas-acidity-tannins is exceptional and its finish is long, persistant and complex centered around aromas of dark fruits, tobacco and hints of cedar. This wine is very rare because it has only been produced in 20 exceptional vintages since 1952 (and in limited quantity each time). Therefore, if you have a chance to get your hand on one bottle, you will be among the lucky few who can enjoy this true portuguese treasure.

Final Grade = A++

Tasting note: DOMAINE DE TREVALLON, Rouge, 2020

Comments = A red wine of great gastronomy that skilfully combines finesse and power to achieve breathtaking precision on the palate. The tannins although present know how to be forgotten to allow to appreciate beautiful aromas of black fruits and beautiful spicy notes. A long and complex finish that smells of the South, Provence and the local scrubland.

Final Grade = A

Tasting note: ‘Aurel’, Domaine les Aurelles, 2017

Comments = a very beautiful wine from my region of origin which knows how to express the full potential of Mourvèdre in this unique terroir of the Pézénas region which mixes gravel, sand and basaltic soil together with light maritime breezes. A good presence in the mouth with a good acidity-aroma balance. Silky and slightly velvety tannins go perfectly with aromas of black fruits centered around blackberry and a lengthy finish. It is without any doubt among the greatest wines of the region.

Final Grade = A

Tasting note: Caiarossa, 2019

Comments = A very fine 2019 vintage whose tannic structure suggests very good aging potential. The aromas already present and precise are just waiting to evolve to express their full potential. This wine clearly deserves all the attention of great connoisseurs who will appreciate the expression of the Tuscan terroir in this wine whose perfect acidity comes from this gently sloping vineyard that fully benefits from its orientation and its position in relation to the Mediterranean Sea.

Final Grade = A