“Cru” is a French term employed to designate a specific vineyard of a superior quality. It is often translated in English by the term “growth”. Therefore, “Premiers Crus” in Bordeaux can be translated as “First Growth” whereas “Grands Crus” in Burgundy can be considered as the “Highest Growth” in the sense that they are the best quality vineyards possible in that specific area. It has to be noted that “Grands Crus” are the most prestigious in Burgundy and in Alsace, while in Bordeaux the best vineyards are called “Premiers Crus” (the term “Grand Cru” just does not exist in Bordeaux).

A “Grand Cru Classé” can be translated as a “Classed Growth”, which means a vineyard that shows enough intrinsic quality that it deserves to be ranked and distinguished from others.

The “Cru” can also concern other French wine regions such as Beaujolais (where Beaujolais Crus are well recognized) and other countries such as Switzerland (with, for instance, Dézaley and Calamin Crus in the Vaud Province).

It has also to be noted that in the Piemonte region (Italy), the notion of “Cru” is expressed through the term “Sori”.

Finally, regarding German wines, the term “Grosses Gewarchs” is the closest equivalent to a “Cru”.

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