Sorbitol and wine

Sorbitol is one of the alcohols present in trace amounts in grapes and wines, and closely related to glucose. It has a slightly sweet flavor, is highly soluble in water, and gives liquids a sense of body when present in high quantities…

What is “Oenocyanin”?

“Oenocyanin” is a tannin compound extracted from the skins of the black grapes, comprising a mixture of pigmented tannins, some anthocyanins, and other phenolics. Marketed as a food colourant, oenocyanin is a valuable source of natural pigment available from Pomace…

Tasting note: ‘Aurel’, Domaine les Aurelles, 2017

Comments = a very beautiful wine from my region of origin which knows how to express the full potential of Mourvèdre in this unique terroir of the Pézénas region which mixes gravel, sand and basaltic soil together with light maritime breezes. A good presence in the mouth with a good acidity-aroma balance. Silky and slightly velvety tannins go perfectly with aromas of black fruits centered around blackberry and a lengthy finish. It is without any doubt among the greatest wines of the region.

Final Grade = A