Canavese, Piedmont, Italy

Canavese is a traditional wine area in Northern Piedmont (Italy), amid the foothills of the Alps. Canavese is located immediately south of Valle d’Aosta, west of the Vercelli and Novara Hills (which are home to the Ghemme and Gattinara appellations).

The Ivrea glacial moraine basin, named after the city of Ivrea, serves as the district’s viticultural core. The Dora Baltea River, on its way from Valle d’Aosta to the Po River, cuts through the Canavese district from north to south.

The Alps defend against cold north winds and produce cool air masses that keep air moving and cause large diurnal temperature fluctuations.

The wines produced in this district were formerly highly regarded. The first historical references to Nebbiolo-based reds manufactured in Carema and Erbaluce’s passito (sweet wine) made in Caluso date back to the Middle Ages.

Vineyards were abandoned in the twentieth century (especially after WWII), as many relocated to nearby Ivrea in search of work. Only a few producers decided to stay then to farm the land and preserve the appellations. These wines have regained some of their former cachet as a result of their efforts, and they continue to attract the attention of both wine critics and customers.

Although the number of producers and the volume of wine produced remains small, wines from this region are becoming highly demanded.

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