Many inidividual initiatives to promote sustainability exist

a)     Presentation

Each winery can, at one time or another, decide to voluntarily commit to an environmental or CSR-related approach. This category deals with Wineries that decide, on their own initiative, to commit themselves outside of any ‘already existing’ labeling or certification framework.

Therefore, Wineries can individually decide to create their own label or certification to promote their own environmental approach. However, this label/certification will have little recognition on the market. This is why many of the existing labels and certifications started with a small group of wineries that decided to create their own labels/certifications.

b)     Main guidelines

The guidelines will be specific to each Wineries and will be more or less clearly formulated. For the most structured approaches, a charter or a commitment document will be formalized.

c)     An example of an individual initiatives to promote sustainability

The Chateau Fleur Cardinale, Grand Cru Classé of Saint Emilion offers a fine example of its own ethical charter which presents its environmental commitment.

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