It should be emphasized that Tuscany’s Vin Santo and Trentino’s Vino Santo are two distinct wines.

Aside from being produced in two different Italian wine areas, the two wines use different grape varieties.

Indeed, Trentino’s Vino Santo is produced from the Nosiola grape variety.

While, on the other hand, Tuscany’s Vin Santo is made from white grape varieties, usually a blend of Trebbiano Toscano (that provides acidity) and Malvasia Bianca Lunga (that provides body, texture and perfume).

Both wines are Passito (see Appassimento) wines (meaning that they are sweet wines) but have slightly different production methods. They also have different DOC requirements.

Vino Santo from Trentino is often sweeter and contains slightly less alcohol than Vin Santo from Tuscany.

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