‘Sorì’ is a Piemontese dialect tem used for vineyard sites of the highest quality, particularly for those with an exceptional favourable southern exposure. “Sorì”, in fact, stands for “Luogo Solatio”, literally, a sunny place or place exposed to the sun. In particular, this expression refers to areas optimally exposed to the sun, perfect for crafting a very high-quality wine.

Indeed, in order to carry on its vegetative growth in the best possible way, the vine plant needs sunlight, which is fundamental, for example, in the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis. Similarly, its grapes need light to ripen in the best possible way and express all their qualities. For these reasons, well-exposed vineyards are considered of particular value, are highly sought after and are recognized as extremely suitable areas by every winemaker.

To summarize, the term “Sorì” means a sunny area in which to successfully practice the cultivation of vines.

More subtle “Sorì” variations also exist: a ‘morning Sorì’ (Sorì di mattino) with a south eastern exposure or an ‘evening Sorì’ (Sorì di sera) with a south western exposure.

It should be noted that the term ‘Sorì’ was first used on a wine label of Angelo Gaja for his ‘Sorì San Lorenzo’ Barbaresco 1967 and was widely imitated by other winemakers in the subsequent quarter-century.

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