The term “Délestage” is a French word which can be translated as “Unballasting”. It is used to describe the process of totally emptying a tank from any liquid while leaving the skins at the bottom and only then spraying the juice over the skins. It usually takes place during the maceration and/or fermentation phase of a grape must.

By opening the tank’s valve, this technique lets gravity empty the tank. The juices are then transferred back to their original tank from above to completely submerge the skins’ cap. As the juice is poured into the tank, the skins that remained at the bottom are subsequently incorporated back into the must that is fermenting. Some growers that want both a quick and thorough maceration utilize it, albeit it is less frequent than pumping over. This process allows for a maximum level of extraction. It is the most extractive method compared to both “Pigeage” (click here to learn more about “Pigeage”) and “Remontage” (click here to learn more about “Remontage”).