The Biodyvin logo that can be found on wine bottles

a)     Presentation

The Biodyvin label is a Biodynamic label which requires the prior obtaining of the ‘Agriculture Biologique’ (AB) label. This label was created by a union of committed winegrowers. It offers a little more latitude than the Demeter certification, which is considered more rigid. The Biodyvin label is not afraid to advocate experimentation, as long as it respects the precepts of biodynamic agriculture.

The Biodyvin certification (like Demeter) uses homeopathic recipes and set limits on inputs and additives such as sulphur. The use of inputs is reduced to a minimum or even non-existent. Yeasts, responsible for alcoholic fermentation, are necessarily indigenous yeasts (that is to say, from a natural environment). Wines grown biodynamically can follow natural cycles such as those of the Moon, the planets or the stars. Thus, the winegrowers work the vines according to the days these influences which define the days “fruits, leaves, flowers or roots”. For example, the pruning of the vine is done when the moon is descending.

The certification audit is managed by an independent body: ECOCERT SAS France.

b)     Main guidelines

To be Biodyvin certified, a winery must follow the fundamental principles of biodynamic farming. This practice takes into account the astral influences in the cultivation of the vine. It also allows the winegrower to nourish his soil by limiting his ecological footprint, thanks to techniques based on plant, animal or mineral materials. It also aims to abolish any oenological input as well as the use of any practice aimed at modifying the natural balance of the grape.

The main objective can be summarized as no additions, no withdrawals and no modifications.

c)     An example of a certified winery in Bordeaux

The famous Chateau Pontet-Canet in Pauillac, Bordeaux, is an example of a prestigious winery certified Biodyvin (since 2010) and Demeter (since 2014).

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