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a)     Presentation

Based on the 3 pillars of Sustainable Development (economic, social and environmental), the Terra Vitis certification is officially recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. It aims to meet consumer expectations while preserving their health as well as respecting the environment and the terroir. An entry diagnosis is carried out within the exploitation in order to evaluate the current practices of the wine domain. This diagnosis makes it possible to establish a list of actions to be carried out before the Terra Vitis certification audit.

b)     Main guidelines

This certification prohibits or limits the use of a certain number of inputs, ensures workers health and safety, protect soil quality (irrigation, fertility) and implement waste management.

The 3 pillars that a Bordeaux Winery must respect to obtain this certification are:

  • Preservation of the environment, by committing to protecting biodiversity, preserving the balance between natural and cultivated environments, and limiting human interventions.
  • Social responsibility, by ensuring working conditions within the vineyard, respecting health protocols and implementing the traceability of the product from the vine to the glass.
  • Economic sustainability, by working to guarantee the resilience of farms through a global, pragmatic and thoughtful approach taking into account all aspects of viticulture.

c)     An example of a certified winery in Bordeaux

Château Mercier (AOC Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux), which has Terra Vitis level 2 certification, can serve as inspiration for a Bordeaux Winery.

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