Goumenissa Red Chatzivariti, 2015


Estate / Producer / Brand: Chatzivariti Winery

Region: Goumenissa, Greece

Appellation: PDO Goumenissa

Type: Dry red wine, non-sparkling

Vintage: 2015

Date of Tasting: May 2023

Type of viticulture: Organic from the beginning

Grapes used: Xinomavro 70%, Negoska 30%

Vintage Blend:

Winemaking details: pre-fermentation, cold maceration for 2 days, left on lees for 8 months (before being put in barrels)

Aging: 12 months in French oak barrels + 6 months in the bottle

Sugar level: low (level of residual sugar not communicated)

Sulphites: contains sulphites


  • Colour = Ruby (with large garnet hue)
  • Intensity = Deep (for the ruby) + Medium (for the garnet hue)


  • Intensity = Medium+
  • Aromas Characteristics = Primary + Secondary + Tertiary
  • Aromas = Black cherryy, Blackberry, Kalamata olives, vanilla, chocolate, tobacco


  • Sweetness = Dry
  • Acidity = Medium+
  • Tannins = Medium+ (well-integrated through aging, softened wuth time)
  • Alcohol = High (14%)
  • Body = Medium+
  • Flavour Intensity = Medium+
  • Flavour Characteristics = Primary + Secondary + Tertiary
  • Flavour details = Black cherryy, Blackberry, Kalamata olives, vanilla, chocolate, tobacco
  • Other =
  • Finish = Long


  • Overall Quality = Very Good
  • Bottle Aging =
    • Can be kept at around 8°C for an additional to 8-10 years
    • Can gain some complexity from additional aging (however the wine I tasted had probably past its peak)
  • Retail Price = 22 euros for a 75cl individual bottle (France retail price, incl. taxes)
  • Value for Money = Very Good
  • Comparison with same price competition = Very good
  • Suitability for Diabetics = level of residual sugar not communicated
  • Service Temperature = around 16°C
  • Suggested Food & Wine Pairing = ‘Osso Bucco’, mincemeat pie, beef with bulgur or, the traditional Greek recipe called ‘Gigantes Plaki’ (local giant beans mijoted in a tomato sauce usually served with Feta cheese on top). Otherwise, a wild mushroom risotto with parmesan flakes or a platter with aged cheeses will work equally as well
  • Comments = This wine was a good discovery for me. There is no doubt that this is a very good wine from a very good producer. We can feel the overall quality of the wine. The structure is still there with a good body and good tannins (rounded by the time spent in bottle). My only regret is that the 2015 vintage I tasted has probably past its peak and I think that is due to some issue during the conservation in the cellar of the retailer. In any case, I have no doubt in recommending this wine which offers a very good quality and a very good value for money.
  • Final Grade = B+

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