Mapping of environmental certifications

1/ The horizontal axis

The horizontal axis of segmentation focuses on the main focus of the certifications/labels. Two focus points have been identified: viticulture and winemaking. Each of the possible certifications/labels can include a different mix of these 2 dimensions. To determine this position, on a theoretical axis ranging from 100% viticulture to 100% vinification, each label/certification is analyzed in relation to its logic of approach as well as its guiding principles/objectives.

2/ The vertical axis

The vertical segmentation axis focuses on the width or narrowness of the number of dimensions that the label/certification includes in its approach. Is it a certification/label that includes all possible types of interaction of a winery with its environment (CSR type approach). Or, is it a certification/label that focuses on a single dimension (it doesn’t matter which), such as the ‘Zero Résidus de Pesticides’ certification. Indeed, the ‘Zero Résidus de Pesticides’ certification focuses on an environmental approach aimed solely at delivering to the consumer a product free of traces of pesticides.

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