Sangiovese has several plausible origins. Because of its color, it is traditionally associated with “Jupiter’s Blood” (translated in latin as ‘Sanguis Jovis’).

Given the considerable intra-varietal variability, there are many different biotypes.

As a result, this grape variety has multiple names depending on the place in which it is cultivated:

  • Morellino in the Scansano area
  • Prugnolo Gentile in the Montepulciano area
  • Brunello in the Montalcino area
  • Sangioveto is sometimes used in Chianti Classico as a synonym
  • Sangiovese Grosso is adopted all over Tuscany as a synonym

Historically, Sangiovese, Morellino, Prugnolo, and Brunello were considered distinct grape varieties.

However, DNA analysis revealed that they are all genetically identical.

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