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a)     Presentation

The HVE certification (Haute Valeur Environementale = High Environmental Value) governs the practices of wine estates and more particularly on its environmental aspects. HVE comes from the Environmental Certification of Farms which has 3 levels: only farms complying with level 3 are then certified HVE.

b)     Main guidelines

Level 1 corresponds to compliance with environmental regulations in the broad sense.

Level 2 concerns the implementation of good practices within the domain: preservation of biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilization and irrigation management.

Following the means and practices put in place, level 3 validates the effectiveness of these various environmental indicators.

It should be noted certification prohibits or limits the use of a certain number of inputs, ensures health and safety at work, soil quality (irrigation, fertility) as well as waste management.

c)     An example of a certified winery in Bordeaux

Château Peyruchet located in Loupiac is a fine example of a vineyard that has been HVE Level 3 certified since 2019.

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