“Vieilles Vignes” is the French term for ‘old vines’. This term may often appear on French wine label. However, it has no legal value which means that the reality covered by the term old vines vary greatly from wine estate to wine estate. Indeed, there are few controls on the use of this term. It is generally accepted that vines older than 40 years old may be considered as ‘old vines’.

The reason why this term is widely used on labels is that it is attractive to potential buyers given that the wine quality is supposed to be better due to the fact that older vines produce less fruits but of better quality and with more aroma concentration.

It has to be noted that Bollinger (the famous Champagne house) was one of the first producers to use this term. It was initially to designate Champagnes made from ungrafted old vines located in a “Clos”.

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