The Bio Coherence logo

a)     Presentation

The Bio Cohérence label is a French brand supported by producers, processors, distributors and consumers. It guarantees organic products to the final customer.

The Bio Cohérence label is considered more demanding than the Organic Agriculture (AB) certification. Indeed, it imposes additional specifications to those of the AB label.

b)     Main guidelines

This label includes 3 dimensions in its certification process:

  • the environmental dimension which translates into ecological objectives (environmentally friendly practices, high degree of biodiversity, preservation of natural resources, etc.)
  • the ethical dimension, which translates into social and humanist objectives (international solidarity, cooperation rather than competition between operators, bringing producers and consumers closer together, high standards of respect for animal welfare, etc.)
  • the economic dimension, which involves another way of doing business (companies on a human scale, practicing fair prices to generate decent incomes, etc.).

c)     An example of a certified winery in Bordeaux

The Chateau de Monbazan in Bordeaux is an example of a vineyard certified Bio-Coherence.

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