Tasting Note: Amarone della Valpolicella, Brigaldara Classico, 2016

Comments = I just loved this wine. I cannot recommend it enough especially at that price range. Tje aromatic is sharp and precise. The balance between acidity, aromas and tannins is perfect. It is elegant but still shows some power and length. For me, it is clearly an underrated Amarone. Finally, this Amarone is dry (which is how an Amarone is supposed to be, contrary what I find on the market most of the time) so it is suitable for diabetic people (not like all Amarone unfortunately).

Final Grade = A

Tasting Note: Terre Alte, Livio Felluga, 2018

Comments = Intense and complex aromatic coupled with a refreshing acidity and mineral notes. There is no doubt that this wine is among the great white wines from Fruili. It is very elegant with a nuanced palate and long finish. Kept under good conditions, this wine has a great aging potential that need to be exploited.

Final Grade = A