A “Vin du Midi” is a French expression. It is a very tricky expression because if you translate it literally it would mean “Lunch Wine”; however, most of the time, French people use this expression in a totally different sense than the literal one.

Geographically, “Le Midi” encompasses the whole of the South of France. Sometimes this expression is used to refer more precisely to the Languedoc-Roussillon region and the adjacent region of the Midi-Pyrénées, which includes the city of Toulouse and the South-West (since 2016, both have been grouped together in the administrative region of Occitanie). More generally, this expression refers to the entire region south of the city of Valence. The city of Valence is considered the “Porte du Midi”.

The Midi on a Map,
(Pin = Valence city in France)

Linguistically, Le Midi encompasses the local Occitan, Catalan and Basque languages as well as people speaking French with southern accents (either incorporating local patois words or having a strong accent in the intonation of the voice, such as the people from the city of Marseille).

It is assumed that this expression is linked to the fact that the word “Midi” also designates Mid-Day mealtime (lunch), the time at which in France the sun always casts a shadow in the direction of the South of France.

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