The Label Engagé RSE

a)     Presentation

Based on the ISO 26000 standard, the ‘Engagé RSE’ label is a multi-sector label issued by the Afnor Certification body following an assessment carried out in the field every 18 months. In all, 54 criteria are examined. The acronym RSE stands for ‘Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale’ which corresponds to the acronym CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in English.

They cover many subjects such as fair practices, environmental preservation, worker well-being and safety, consumer protection, control of the supply chain, participation in the life of the territory. … Depending on the results obtained, the label comes in 3 levels: progression (level 1), ‘confirmé’ (= confirmed, level 2)) and ‘exemplaire’ (=exemplary, level 3).

The CSR Committed Label is based on a reference system made up of 8 chapters in which are divided 55 evaluation criteria that challenge the organization on all of the 7 principles and 7 central questions of the international standard ISO 26000 (Afnor).

b)     Main guidelines

For a Bordeaux Winery wishing to be ‘Engagé RSE’ certified, the following guidelines will be at the heart of the certification process:

• Demonstrate its ability to identify its own CSR issues according to its context and the expectations of its key stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, funders, local authorities, etc.)

• Deploy relevant managerial and operational practices in relation to these issues

• Manage the associated results in order to improve its overall performance

Each of the aspects of CSR will be analyzed at the following level of activities:

• Strategy / governance

• Implementation of concrete CSR practices and managerial deployment (including communication)

• Ability to take CSR into account in HR practices and working conditions

• Operational deployment of these practices within your production processes

• Implementation of the CSR related to territorial anchorage

c)     An example of a certified winery in Bordeaux

The Chateau La Dauphine was one of the first Bordeaux Wineries to be certified ‘Committed to CSR’.

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