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a)     Presentation

These four letters acronym means Agriculture Respectful of the Environment in Aquitaine. This is a local initiative led by the New Aquitaine Region and the New Aquitaine Chamber of Agriculture.

This organization supports Bordeaux producers who engage in practices that are more respectful of nature, and guides them towards three major challenges: the reduction of pollution linked to chemical products, the preservation of biodiversity and the rational use of natural resources. It issues a certification that a Bordeaux Winery can benefit from.

b)     Main guidelines

The AREA approach is based on a repository of 10 measures around fertilization, good phytosanitary practices, effluent management, biodiversity and irrigation.

The 10 measures are:

  • limit diffuse pollution during spreading
  • remove point pollution points on the farm
  • have sufficient effluent storage capacity and carry out a reasoned spreading
  • limit the risks of health contamination
  • rationalize phytosanitary treatments
  • avoid diffuse pollution linked to the use of phytosanitary products
  • avoid pollution linked to effluents from plant processing
  • have practices that encourage the maintenance and development of biodiversity on the farm
  • save energy and use renewable energies
  • save water by reasoning irrigation

c)     Special Interest

The AREA system is considered as a springboard towards the High Environmental Value (HVE) level 3 certification.

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