All the wines produced around the world can be grouped into the following 10 categories:

  • Sparkling Wines (like Champagne wines)
  • Light-Bodied White Wines (like Muscadet wines)
  • Full-Bodied White Wines (like the Super Whites from Italy)
  • Aromatic (sweet) White Wines (like Sauternes wines)
  • Dessert Wines (like Madeira wines)
  • Rosé Wines (like Provence Rosé wines, click here to read more about Provence Rosé wines)
  • Light-Bodied Red Wines (like Beaujolais Nouveau wines)
  • Medium-Bodied Red Wines (like some red wines from the Loire Valley)
  • Full-Bodied Red Wines (like Bordeaux wines)
  • Fortified wines (like Port wines)

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