The ISO 26000 logo

a)     Presentation

The ISO 26000 standard is an international standard that is not specific to the wine world. This approach targets organizations of all types, regardless of their activity, size or location. However, this one can apply to any winery in the world. These are guidelines and not standards which aim to promote and simplify the implementation of a social responsibility approach. It clarifies the concepts related to social responsibility. It helps companies and organizations to translate principles into concrete actions as well as to disseminate best practices in terms of social responsibility, all over the world.

b)     Main guidelines

The ISO 26000 approach is centered around 7 major structuring axes:

– The governance of the organization

– Human rights

– Relations and working conditions

– The environment

– The fairness of practices

– Consumer issues

– The link with communities and local development

c)     An example of a certified winery

The Chateau Roquefort in Bordeaux has been rewarded with this label.

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