The Nebbiolo Grape Variety

Nebbiolo is often regarded as Italy’s most esteemed red grape. It is also one of its oldest, with its first mention dating back to the 13th century.

The name of this grape variety is supposed to be derived from the word ‘nebbia’ (meaning ‘fog’ in Italian), and it could refer to either the dense bloom that covers the ripe fruit or the fog that generally covers the hills during harvest.

It is an early budding grape variety, however it ripens relatively late. As such, it is universally regarded as a difficult grape variety to cultivate. It generally struggles to ripen, which is why it should be planted on well-exposed and south-facing sites (see Vineyard Aspects). It performs better on calcareous marl soils and behaves differently depending on where it is grown. This trait allows it to clearly express the subtleties of the many Piemonte terroirs.

It is to be noted that different clones and biotypes of the Nebbiolo grape variety can be found in Piemonte.

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