The hormone “Abscisic Acid,” commonly referred to as “ABA,” is found naturally in vines and controls growth and physiology. Physiological stresses, such as short days and water stress, promote its production. It was discovered in the 1940s by Torsten Hemberg at the University of Stockholm.

In the vine, the abscisic acid is involved in leaf fall, stunted shoots, bud dormancy, opening of the stomata, and biosynthesis of phenolics during grape ripening. According to Marusig & Tombesi (2020), the Abscisic Acid mediates drought and salt stress responses in Vitis Vinifera.

It is to be noted that Partial Rootzone Drying is a method of irrigation that can help modulate ‘ABA’ levels to control vine growth, fruit composition, and possibly wine quality.

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