Vitis Amurensis

Vitis Amurensis is a grape variety species of the genus Vitis, named after the Amur Valley in Northern China. Its origin in a very cold climate makes it valuable to vine breeders looking to introduce cold tolerance genes.

This vine was discovered by the Russian botanist Richars Maack during his trip on the Amur River (this is why it is also called ‘Vigne de l’Amour’ in French). It grows in a region with a very harsh climate with winter temperatures of -20 to -40°C and an average annual temperature close to 0.

The first cultures of Vitis amurensis date back to the time of the Japanese occupation of Manchuria (1931-1945). In Jilin in northeastern China, the Japanese created the first wine companies to produce wine from the wild vine Vitis Amurensis.

Professor Helmut Becker in particular developed hybrids which shared some Riesling characteristics, using Vitis Amurensis.

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