The two logos for the certification Vin Methode Nature that customers can find

a)     Presentation

Before this certification, natural or natural wine never received official recognition, in France, in Europe or anywhere in the world.

The certification Vin Methode Nature was created by the Syndicat de Défense des Vins Naturels (wine grower union).

It should be noted that this label is applicable to the wine individually and not to a domain in its entirety.

The “Vin Methode Nature” certification offers detailed specifications aimed at producing a wine method nature which is a wine made from organic grapes harvested by hand, vinified without input and without any corrective oenology technique.

There are 2 Method Nature Wine labels:

  • Method Nature wine without added sulphites
  • Wine Method Nature < 30mg/L of sulphites

b)     Main guidelines

To consider this certification, the Agriculture Biologique label or the Nature & Progrès label is mandatory beforehand.

16 basic principles form the basis of this certification. Among them, here are the main points:

– 100% grapes from organic farming

– Hand-harvested grapes

– Indigenous yeasts

– No input

– No human voluntary modification

– No added sulphite

– Regulated SO2 level

c)     An example of a certified winery in Bordeaux

The ‘Cuvée Nature’ from Château Lisennes (100% Merlot) is a fine example of the application of this label to the Bordeaux vineyard.

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