The Vegan logo that can be found on wine bottles

a)     Presentation

Vegan certification can be considered to be on the margins of environmental considerations. However, it has, if only indirectly, environmental impacts (CO2 emissions, etc.).

Some of the animal products generally used in standard wine making include eggs and a protein called casein, which is derived from fish bladder. These products are excluded in the making of Vegan wines. Therefore, processes like the one called fining, which removes particulates from wine before it is bottled, are made without any animal derived products.

To replace these products some wineries use pea proteins as fining agent. Pea proteins are plant-based and non-allergenic, so they are safe to use even in wines.

b)     Warning

It should be noted that due to the non-use of animal power in the vineyard, this certification may have a negative effect for wineries considering this certification.

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