The Nature & Progres logo

a)     Presentation

The mention ‘Nature & Progrès’ is in fact an associative mark. It guarantees food products (and therefore wines) that respect the environment, people and animals. It relies on its own specifications and the commitment of its members through a charter. Nature et Progrès takes into account respect for the environment and animal welfare, as well as ethical and social aspects.

The attribution of the mention is self-managed in complete transparency by the members of the association.

b)     Main guidelines

The specifications are co-constructed by the members. This makes it possible to change practices in order to improve them.

In addition to strict compliance with specifications, the mention Nature & Progrès requires adherence to a charter and a Systeme Participatif de Garantie.

c)     An example of a certified winery

The Chateau Le Puy in Bordeaux, is an example of a vineyard certified Nature & Progrès.

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