The Label Vignerons Engagés in French

a)     Presentation

The ‘Vignerons Engagés’ label was created by a collective of winegrowers. It is in fact the old label ‘Vignerons en Développement Durable’, which was created by the Institut Coopératif du Vin.

The Label Vignerons Engagés in English

b)     Main guidelines

For a Bordeaux Winery wishing to pursue this label, the 4 main pillars taken into account by this label are:

– ability to act for the environment

– ability to guarantee quality from vine to glass

– ability support the territory and the local heritage

– ability to set the right price for both the consumer and the producer

In more details, a Bordeaux Winery must respect the following 12 engagements:

1/ Save natural resources

2/ Protect Biodiversity

3/ Reduce the use of phytosanitary products

4/ Promote eco-design and reduce waste

5/ Fight against global warming

6/ Ensure traceability from the vine to the glass

7/ Produce healthy wines

8/ Develop direct and indirect jobs

9/ Invest in France and boost its local basin

10/ Develop the social and solidarity link

11/ Promote short circuits

12/ Remunerate producers fairly

c)     An example of a certified winery in Bordeaux

Domaine Pradaou is a fine example of a Bordeaux Winery which has been awarded the ‘Vigneron Engagé’ label.

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