The Albana grape variety

Albana is a white grape varietal made famous by the popular Italian wine Abana di Romagna. Indeed, the Albana di Romagna DOCG Passito wine is renowned for having been the first wine white that received the DOCG status, which was very surprising to many wine expert as many prestigious italian white wines did not received this status back then. The Albana grape is widely grown in Emilia-Romagna. The name Albana refers to the colour of the grapes (Albus = white in Latin). Its main claim to fame is that medieval agricultural writer Petrus di Crescentis highlighted it in the 13th century.

The most frequent clone, the thick-skinned Albana Gentile di Bertinoro, produces quite deep-colored white wines. Other famous clones include: Albana della Compadrona, Albana della Serra, Albana della Bagarona and Albana della Gaiana.

Although Greco and Greco di Ancona are two synonyms, this grape variety unrelated to the Italian wine Greco di Tufo.

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