QmP is Germany’s category of usually superior quality wines. It literally means: ‘quality wine with distinction’ and the Prädikat can qualify as one of six distinct subcategories, determined by the grape’s must weight as well as some restrictions on how and when the grapes are picked. It has to be noted that a QmP wine cannot have sugar added to it for the purpose of enrichment, unlike QbA wines.

Since the 1980s, it has also become usual for the top producers to decide to declassify wine for marketing purposes or to set their own higher minimum must weights for each Prädikat than the official minima.

The amount of the overall German harvest that is QmP wine varies greatly from year to year depending on the weather. In contrast to the very hot 1976 summer, which ripened 83% of the whole crop to at least Kabinett level, the mild weather of 1984 produced a harvest of which just 7% qualifies as QmP.

With a few more experimental wines as an exception, QmP wines make up the majority of Germany’s best wines.

Oechsle levels that are exact for each blend of grape type and area are prescribed by law.

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