Tasting Note: Vigneto Bellavista, Gran Selezione, 2016, Castello di Ama

Comments = This wine offers a beautiful elegance and finesse together with a good body, mouthfeel and a wonderful acidity. The tannins are powerful but not too strong and complete this wine to achieve a balance close to perfection. The finish is long, refined and seducing, centered around black cherry and black plum. This is without any doubt a superb Chianti with a lot of aging potential.

Final Grade = A+

Tasting Note: Ermacora, Pignolo, 2020

Comments = A surprisingly powerful red wine that offers a good balance tannins-aromas with a long complex finish with spicy notes. This wine is really a great occasion to discover a well-made Pignolo wine coming from its region of origin (at a reasonable price given the quality offered.

Final Grade = B+

Tasting Note: Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Obiz, 2020

Comments = with a retail price around 10 euros, this wine is a great occasion to taste the rare local grape (Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso) and discover its originality. Pay attention to the aromatics of this grape while keeping in mind that this wine has not been in contact with oak or any sort of wood. Given the price, the quality offered is top-notch.

Final Grade = B+